Big Sky exhibit

A new exhibit of Ken's work is on display at the Big Sky Café at 1121 Broad St in downtown San Luis Obispo. The exhibit runs from January 17th to March 14th. A reception will be held to meet the artist on Friday, February 3rd, from 5 to 7. The exhibited is titled "A Brighter View" and features California and local scenes in Ken's signature bold colors.

Spring Workshop

A spring plein air workshop in oil painting is offered for April 25-28. See the workshop page for details.

Four Fauves in Santa Barbara

FOUR FAUVES IN CALIFORNIA A Fine Art Exhibit at Corridan Gallery featuring: James‐Paul Brown, Ken Christensen, Kathleen Elsey and Sarah Carr May 3 through June 18, 2016 Reception for the Artists ‐ Saturday, May 7, 4 to 7pm Corridan Gallery is very pleased to present "Four Fauves in California", an Exhibit of Fine Art by James‐Paul Brown, Ken Christensen, Kathleen Elsey and Sarah Carr. Curated by William Fedderson, this show includes works by these accomplished artists in the inspiring Fauvist Style, rarely seen in Santa Barbara. "Les Fauves" is French for "The Wild Beasts". The Fauve Artists of the early 20th century, known for their wild brushwork and brilliant color were a sensation in the halls of French Art. Chief among this group were Henri Matisse, Andre Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, Henri Manguin and Albert Marquet. The "Four Fauves in California" may not be considered"Wild Beasts", but they have caught the spirit of these French Masters. The "New Fauves" group, founded by Ken Christensen, includes Kathleen Elsey as a member. They are a group of bold painters committed to propagating the style of the great French Fauve painters. James‐Paul Brown and Sarah Carr have come upon a Fauvist Style of painting independently of the "New Fauves" group, but their work is no less compelling. These four painters are not afraid of color, their Fauvist style is powerful,important and frankly, a lot of fun to view. Ken Christensen paints with an intensity and bravura that reveals the glory and beauty of even the most mundane scenes. Working on site with the richest of color pallets, he paints with bold assured strokes, clearly rendering the vital essence and energy of his landscapes. Christensen spent much of his life living in London, Paris and Spain, also Michigan and New Mexico. Since 1998 he has made his home in San Luis Obispo, while he still travels extensively. He brings the light and color from all his travels to his canvases. In this exhibit we are pleased to show many of his Oil Paintings from France as well as some of his finest work painted in California.

Carmel Art Festival

I will be participating in the Carmel Art Festival once again this Spring, May 12 to 15. This is one of the premier plein air events in the country, and why not? Carmel is one of the most beautiful and appealing areas in the world. There are unlimited beautiful views to paint and I have been fortunate in the past to win several awards at this show. You can follow this link to learn more. When you are in Carmel, be sure to visit my gallery there, Gallery Amsterdam on Dolores street.