2018 Workshop

This years workshop will be May1-4. Please join me to paint in this spectacualr area of the country. There is a great variety of thigs to paint around here, the ocean, vineyards, ranches, mountains, gardens, etc. Take a look at the description on the workshop page.

Frameworks Exhibit

I am proud to announce a major, one man show, at Frameworks in San Luis Obispo, CA. The exhibit will run from February 2nd to April 25th. Special dates include the Art after Dark tours in San Luis Obispo the nights of February 2nd and April 6th. Come and visit me in person at the artist's reception on March 2nd. There will be approximatly 25 pieces in the show featuring my best work, including some terrific new paintings of the area. The title of the exhibit is "Local Color" which means the show will be almost exclusively scenes of the Central Coast.

Point Buchon Plein Air

I'm part of an exciting new event hostd by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. This is a plein air event featuring paintings executed along the Point Buchon Trail. This is a section of coastline extending from the Montana de Oro State Park, one of the most beautiful sections of coastline in California. Top artists from around the State will convene to paint on site and present their fresh works the weekend of October 5-8. You can watch the artists work on location during the day of October 5th. The grand opening will be the evening of October 6th from 6 to 9. Then the exhibit remains open during the following two days, October 7/8 from 11 to 5 at the museum. But don't delay, the exhibit and sales are only this weekend! For full information go the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art web site.

French artists

I recently returned from France where I had the pleasure to re-connect with old friends, including four artists. It's amazing to me that some of these friendships go back thirty-five years now. Manuel Gil is actually Spanish but has lived in Montmartre for forty years or more. When walking around Montmartre with Manuel he is greeted left and right by other artist who all know him to be one of the great artists of Montmartre. Manuel recently won an award at a big exhibt there. You can read a large article about Manuel in the Paris Montmartre magazine.

Benoit Debecker is an extraordinary illustrator. He is an unassumng fellow, happiest to be smoking his pipe and working in his studio. Coincidentaly, he also lives in Montmartre. He is the author of several books, including "Crocodile: Obsession" and has recently signed a deal for a new book.

Pierre Mori is a fellow member of mine in The New Fauves, a group of artists who paint in the Fauvist tradition. He has been a loyal freind for years now and has visited me in the United States as well. We got together several time this past trip and had the immense pleasure to visit a big exhibit of one of our heroes, Henry Manguin, one of the original Fauves. There was a large retrospective of his work at the Impressionsot Museum in Giverny (also Monet's home). Pierre continues to grow as an artist and is producing ever bolder works of explosive colors.

I was also surprised one day by a man who appproached me at an outdoor cafe. To my embarassment, I didn't recognize my old friend and fellow artist, Yves Ravel. It had been twenty years or more and we all change, don't we? We had a nice visit and also dinner at my apartment when I had the chance to visit with his wife and two children.

I'm very lucky to feel at home in Paris and still have so many wonderful friends.